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The Reiver's Cub-- Laura Strickland
The Reiver's Cub

Plague Doctor - Laura Strickland
Plague Doctor

Keeper of the Gate -- Laura Strickland
Keeper of the Gate

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The Pied Wizard of Regis Towne -- Laura Strickland

The Pied Wizard of Regis Towne

When a spell to rid Regis Towne of rats goes awry, Marquell and Grandfather Rat are transformed into men. Marquell wants no part in playing servant to the wizard responsible for destroying his family and friends, but the mage promises to return him to his true form if he serves for a fortnight. Meanwhile Marquell must navigate the world of his lifelong enemies and survive the selfish demands of the wizard’s vain fiancée.

Many injustices are heaped upon the household’s solitary maid, Constanze, but she soon finds Marquell will defend her honor and share her burdens, while their friendship becomes far more. But can it last? Constanze doesn’t know her valiant swain is actually a rat. Will telling her change everything? Or will Marquell sacrifice his identity and remain a man for the sake of love?

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Stars in the Morning -- Laura Strickland


From the moment Cindra is born, misshapen and ill-formed in face and body, her beautiful mother hides her away, allowing the world to see only her other three perfect children. Cindra, raised by an aged nurse and assigned humble duties in the kitchen, receives little affection and plenty of abuse from both her mother and sisters. Starved for beauty, she longs most of all for love.

Prince Rupert, newly returned from an education outside the kingdom and forced to take over duties as king, sees the beauty of Cindra’s spirit. In her sister-in-law’s garden, he courts her with rare flowers and nearly makes her forget her mother’s hate. But when war tears them apart, will Cindra have the courage to stand on her own? And when faced with the challenge of leading Rupert’s subjects through a siege, will the strength of her compassion be enough to sustain a kingdom?

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Stars in the Morning -- Laura Strickland

Rum Paul Stillskin

Abandoned as an infant at the edge of Dartmoor, Rum Paul Stillskin does not know his true name or parentage, but it's clear he's not completely human. The old man who raises him calls him evil. The village children, who throw stones, whisper the word faery. Shunned by all, he finds comfort in his rude, native magic, and tells himself he doesn't need love. Until he meets Mallie Goodman, who sees in him a wild beauty he cannot see in himself.

As they grow into adulthood, the bond between Mallie and Rum Paul deepens. When a cruel fate separates them, Mallie promises she will return to him, however long it takes. Twisted by loss, his long wait turns Rum Paul into someone Mallie never knew.

When Mallie returns, will lies and betrayal keep him from recognizing her? Will he ever believe he deserves love?

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RapAnn's All -- Laura Strickland

RapAnn's All

Surrendered to a powerful witch at birth, RapAnn doesn't know her parents. When she resists becoming the mistress of a lecherous roué, her guardian imprisons her in a tall tower as punishment. There, she has only the music of her voice and the company of the birds for comfort.

Prince Kenzie, hearing her song, vows to free her, but the tower lies in the grip of the witch's dark magic. Even if their love survives the spell, how can RapAnn, deceived by illusion, ever see the truth in Prince Kenzie's eyes?

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